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the man hunt for the accused cop killer is still going on. travel delays expected because of that storm in the northeast. we will let you know the airlines effected here at sfo. a warning about what you should not have out in the open when you ride muni. it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, everybody you made it it's friday, february 8th i'm brian flores. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us early friday morning. a little tiny bit of sprinkles. >> there was decent rain. the city had a quarter inch. compared to this year. since january everything has been quiet. this system is really moving
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down. from the peninsula san francisco south you can see actually painted toward monterey and santa clara valley it will be a cool, breezy day. a few scattered showers. mainly low 50s. traffic is doing pretty well although it is raining and you will have to give yourself extra time. this is a look at highway 4 coming up to the willow pass grade. you can see traffic continues to move along pretty welcoming up to the grade. also the morning commute looks good on 880. again recommending you give yourself a little bit of extra time. let's go back to the desk. topping the news a former los angeles police officer bent on revenge remains on the loose. it was this time yesterday morning when we first reported that 33-year-old christopher domer was accused of shooting three police officers. massive manhunt for domer stretches across california.
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tara moriarty is in the newsroom with the massive man hunt. >> reporter: schools in big bear are in lock down and area ski resorts closed. this as the man hunt intensifies. sheriffs deputies have been going door to door warning of 33-year-old domer. and they will resume aerial searches and use canine units to track him. he is still targeting law enforcement and a threat to the greater community. the entire state of california is under a tactical alert. the police academy in los angeles and two of the major stations are on lock down. all lapd motor units taken off the streets. >> domer is considered to be armed and extremely dangerous. >> reporter: the search for domer has extended to nevada
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where he owns a home near las vegas. police say they hope he turns himself in. meanwhile los angeles police now admit they mistook a 71-year-old woman delivering newspapers for dorner. detectives shot her twice in the back yesterday. her daughter was also cut by broken glass. the woman was in a pickup truck similar to dorners. but the pickup truck is neither the same color or model. we are learning more about the 18 page manifesto he posted online. he addressed it to america. coming up the random thoughts
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of an accused killer. the reason for his rampage. we have a major new development in the case of that man who escaped from police custody in san jose. a source just told us that the escapee 32-year-old anthony sanchez was arrested last night. he slipped away on wednesday when an officer was arresting him for parole? violation. an arrest made over night. we will have more details coming up. there is a heavy police activity at this hour in san jose. janine de la vega is live at the scene where officers are blocking off streets. janine what is going on? >> reporter: we just got here about five minutes ago. i'm here in downtown san jose at st. james' street near san
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pedro street. there is a heavy police presence. i can't tell how far down the street it's blocked off. i'm told by police this all resolved around this building. city heights. i believe it's a condo complex. what i do know is police tell me that a woman was apparently on the 11th story balcony and she fell. at this point they do not know if this was an accident, but she has died. and they are trying to figure out again if this was an accident, was she pushed? we know the coroner has been called. they are talking to witnesses. i'm told the victims relative is talking to police. i'm also told that one of the 911 callers reported they believed that the woman was drunk. again, these are all questions that police have and they are talking to witnesses here on the scene. we do know the coroner is called. we are trying to find out more
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details. as soon as we have them we'll give you an update. reporting live janine de la vega. more than 100 protestors took to the streets in san francisco to protest what they called a case of police brutality. >> justice for kevin clark. >> the protest was sparked by this viral video. it shows an encounter between kevin clark and two san francisco police officers at 24th and mission two weeks ago. police say the officers acted appropriate to apprehend clark. >> i think from what i have seen on the video and the staff that has seen it think it's not unreasonable what officers did. >> well.
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i can't. >> reporter: clark faces two counts of resisting arrest. protestors called for the charges to be dropped. they also criticized the department for failing to punish the officers involved. tonight a candle light vigil will be held in fairfield to remember the life of janell conway allen. the teenager's naked body was found. tonight's vigil begins at 6:20 tonight at allen park. meanwhile detectives in sonoma county say they are following several strong leads in tuesday's triple homicide. three men were found shot to death inside a in forestville. investigators link the killings to a botched marijuana deal. one of the men killed grew up in petaluma and was a avid snow border. they are also following leads on two other victims who were
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out of state. happening now people on the east coast are prepare for a lot of snow. the snow has already started to fall. a dangerous blizzard will bring two to three feet of snow. emergency management teams are preparing for the worst. last night people rushed to stores to stock up on food, gas, and other supplies. >> we have a shovel. this is a pretty sturdy one. this should last us. the the one i have at home is horrible. >> some gas stations have already run out of gas. people are being urged to take the day off from work and stay at home. coming up at 5:09 we'll have a live report from boston with more on when and how hard the storm is expected to hit. back here at home more than 2600 flights have already been canceled across the country because of the storm. ktvu channel 2 reporter kara
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lou is live at san francisco airport with more on how this could effect your travel plans. >> reporter: very quiet at sfo. behind me we are already seeing delays and cancellations posted on the boards here. imparticular effecting flights to new york and boston. the north east bracing for delays. this is la guardia airport. they will -- back here at sfo traffic is expectedly light this time of morning. as i mentioned some cancellations already on the board. travelers we talked to headed to other parts of the country are glad they're avoiding the northeast. >> it's going to impair quite a bit. so no need in trying to drive. so go back east to chicago to boston, massachusetts and the east coast it will be rough.
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three feet. it will really put a damper on everything. >> reporter: i just spoke with the duty manager here at sfo. he tells me there are 52 cancellations. 35 of those are departures. 17 are arrivals. the areas effected are new york, newark, and boston. we've also checked with san jose and oakland airports right now. the duty managers at both the airports are telling me no delays or cancellations. of course that could change. we'll continue to check with all three airports throughout the morning. for now we are live at sfo kara lou. san francisco muni is sending out an alert. there was an 83% increase in thefts. more than 400 cell phones were stolen. the city also reports half of all robberies last year involved some kind of
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electronic device. time is 4:38. the roads definitely still wet. no question about that. sal, any problems? >> not many problems. there is one southbound 680 a car ran off the road. it's not blocking any lanes. one of the things we will experience is people unfortunately getting into wrecks because of the slick roadways. let's take a look at 80 westbound as you can see traffic does look pretty good here. we're off to a decent start. it's 4:39 in the morning and there are already a couple things out there. westbound bay bridge traffic is moving along pretty well. also the morning commute looks good. there goes cal train. steve loves it when it happens. northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. 4:39. did that just for you, steve.
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>> sal. >> yes, sir. >> you know our buddy sue. >> i know stew. >> he said it's snowing in manhattan. when it rains it rains on my house and pams and brians. not ron's though. showers are hit and miss. might rain on your castle but not mine. it's rotating out of the area. we have a winter weather advisory until 10:00. not a lot but a little bit. now there is still a little bit coming down the pipeline. you can see coming off of colusa. there is also a little bit out toward the east bay. san ramon. near fremont and hayward. another band stretching and over toward the san mateo coast and also san jose and santa clara valley. 30s i mean if there is cloud cover holding us up the coldest
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lows will probably be sunday morning. we'll have partly cloudy skies with cloudy showers. cool and breezy day today. temperatures will really be held in check. 52-53 for most. everyone else will be on the cool side. cold tomorrow morning as that low drops south the wind will crank up saturday and looks sunny. warmer each day. especially next week. time now 4:41. mayor chuck reed lays out his plans for the future of san jose. what he is proposalling. bullet holes and a broken door. look inside a vallejo house where three family members were shot during a violent home invasion. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ good morning. still scattered showers around. most are pushing out of the
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area. not completely. partly cloudy today. a cool breezy day. time now 4:45. we just learned a 7.1 magnitude quake has rocked the solomon islands. according to the u.s. geological service the quake hit overnight about 14 miles south of the solomon islands off the coast of australia. so far no damages or injuries have been reported. the quake comes just days after the islands were shaken by an 8.0 magnitude quake. it triggered a tsunami that killed nine people and two children. later today president obama will be among those honoring outgoing defense secretary leon panetta in a farewell ceremony. he will be honored for his years of public service. he looks forward to returning to private life on his family's walnut ranch. president obama nominated former nebraska senator chuck
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hagel to replace panetta. in his seventh state of the city address chuck reid said despite ongoing budget challenges the city is moving forward. >> we are going to restore police and fire services and reopen schools and repair our roads. >> the mayor thanked voters for supporting measure b. labor leaders say the mayor's battle with city employee unions has hurt moral. >> i think he's taken the approach with not only city workers but community groups that it's his way or the highway. >> mayor reed says pension reform alone won't solve all the city's financial problems. he suggests the possibility of going to voters next year with a proposal for a sales tax hike. police in fairfield are looking for the men they say duct taped and robbed a school janitor for ipads. it happened wednesday night at
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the semiyen toe continuation high school. two men ordered the janitor to the ground and duct taped him to the desk. it has been robbed three other times in the past four months. now back to the top story. search for christopher dorner. investigators are pouring over the 18 page manifesto he posted on his facebook page. he addressed it to america. entitled it last resort. he doesn't fear death because he had already died on january 2nd, 2009 the date he was fired from the force. current oakland police consultant bill bradden was the los angeles police chief at that time. >> a lot of police officers got discharged and none of them resorts to the actions this man has taken. >> he complimented several celebrities for their looks and
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accomplishments. now you can read dorners entire manifesto at we are obviously monitoring the man hunt and bring you updates throughout the morning. in vallejo three family members are expected to survive but that is after being shot during a home invasion attack that police say appears to be random. he was at work at the time but his brother, sister, and mother were all shot by the invaders. now he showed us his sister's bedroom door which was kicked in, a bullet hole left in the wall. investigators say two gunmen forced their way into the home yesterday morning at about 3:40. >> they were all carrying guns and basically their intention was to kill everybody in the family. they didn't take nothing. they didn't want any witnesses. >> his brother who was shot in the face suffered the most serious injuries. he seys the family wants to move out of the area. time now 4:48. several thousand students have signed up to help test a free
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muni pass program. the 16 month test starts at the beginning of next month. it will give free passes to san francisco students that are younger than 18 years old. muni wants to see how many students use the passes and which transit lines are most effected. the storm that is moving through the bay area is bringing a lot of new snow to the sierra. the area could get another four inches today. now the snow is making for very difficult driving conditions this is live pictures coming out of plaster county. this is interstate 80. chains are required on 80. there are no chain requirements on highway 50 right now. that could change later on in the day. >> hearing from people that have been up there recently they can use the snow up there. 4:49 is the time. how are the roads around the bay area? >> they are good. we don't have a lot going on expect it's wet. unfortunately when that happens we see a higher incident of collisions. a lot of fender benders. especially as the morning
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commute wears on. we are looking at northbound 101. it's a nice looking drive with no major problems. getting word of a new accident that just popped up on the screen. highway 24 westbound just after highway 13 in oakland. this one just popped up about two minutes ago. chp is not there yet. it's reported as a solo spinout. let's take a look at westbound bay bridge. this traffic looks good coming into san francisco. and in san jose the traffic looks well. it's ten minutes before 5:00 let's go to steve. sal, thank you. our system is rotating through. not done yet. sometimes it will come down from the northeast quadrant as we say. some will wrap back into lake county and napa county. we'll have to watch that skirt the 680 corridor. most of the energy from peninsula over toward monterey. whopper of a system isment cooing together. low off of the north carolina coast is exploding right now. going to merge with a very cold
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system. this will be a big, big story. into the weekend there are projections of one to four feet. that looks to be about 12-8 inches in new york. there will be coastal flooding. there will be winds of 70 miles an hour. big, big system. a little bit in the east bay. hit and miss shower activity. also milpitas and fremont. portola valley and roadside. toward monterey. from santa cruz to monterey if you are heading down pebble beach i would take the rain gear. 30s and 40s it's cloud cover holding the temps up. high pressure will build into the north. high pressure doesn't like the low. it will fill it with winds starting late tonight and more likely tomorrow. 50s on the temps. you see them once you will see them twice. 52, 53 should cover the spread.
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sunny. mostly sunny on the weekend. warmer next week. 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick may never forget the heartbreaking loss to the super bowl but he's already found a new way to ease the pain. crazy stunts on the freeways and drag racers capturing their antics on video.
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welcome back. time now 4:54. a judge could rule today on whether the family of a drowning victim can sue the city of alameda. the tragic incident on memorial day made national news. raymond zach died on an alameda beach as rescue teams watched on shore. police and firefighters say they failed to help the suicidal man because they were not certified in walter rescues. a lawyer calls it a tragic situation. we have seen wild car races in the movies but now oakland police are trying to stop real life street racers that are trying to make their own movies of dangerous stunts. there are dozens of videos like this posted online where amateur street racers openingly roar down public roads in the bay area. their cars are going more than
4:57 am
100 miles an hour. sometimes in the middle of the day. we spoke to one drag racer who did not want to show his face. >> i just want to be the fastest out there. i bring my car out once or twice a week. >> we believe it has increased. it is coming back. people can if not be injured but killed. >> oakland police say it's time to crack down on the dangerous drag racers. they are considering several moves including speed bumps. time now 4:55. definitely not a good day to be driving a little faster than normal. very slick. any problems? >> we have a car that spun out on 24 westbound near highway 13. it's off to the shoulder now but it's facing the wrong way. that kind of thing happens when the roads are wet. these things happen more often when the roads are wet. bay bridge toll plaza approach doesn't look that bad. it is a nice drive. it is pretty light. they had some of the lanes
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closed but it wasn't effecting traffic. moving along and taking a look at the commute here. traffic on 880 is moving along very nicely. again it's wet. in the south bay right now we have traffic that is moving along nicely on 101, 280 and 85. we are off to a good start. here's steve. thank you, sal. still scattered showers around. also from milpitas, union city, newark, back over to san mateo. the heaviest bulls eye is about santa cruz to monterey. any travel plans down to pebble today keep in mind. is coldest temperatures show up around noon today. might syped in a couple scattered showers. 52 to 53. i think we'll just broad brush it here. tomorrow cold and the wind cranks up. sunny on sunday. sunny and warmer probably most of next week.
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49ers quarterback colin kaepernick is trying to ease the pain of losing the super bowl with a new tattoo. kaepernick posted a photo showing the work in progress. coming up next at 5:00 our breaking news we first reported at 4:30. police officers rush to a building in downtown san jose. we'll tell you what happens. the man hunt for the fired police officer who is the target of one of the biggest man hunts in state history.

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